How to plan a kitchen design?

When thinking about a new kitchen, it can be tricky to know where to start. It’s important to think about how you want to move around the space and the position of the appliances so everything is in the most convenient location for how you want to use the kitchen. We’ve put together a few top tips to help you get the most out of the space available and design the kitchen of your dreams.

1. Does your kitchen work for you?

Look at the kitchen you already have and think about what you do and don’t like about it. Is it functional for you? The sink, fridge and cooker are the most important elements in any kitchen. A good kitchen space allows you to move easily between all 3 of them when cooking.

It’s always good to think about this when planning your new layout. There is no perfect kitchen shape, when redesigning a kitchen always put function first. A good rule of thumb is that there is no more than 6 feet between the sink, fridge and cooker and ideally they form a triangle shape.

2. Consider your storage.

The most common oversight people make when planning a kitchen is not paying enough attention to how they allocate or use cupboard space. Think about how you can design every cupboard to give you the maximum amount of storage space.

Use every nook & cranny; putting overhead cabinets right up to the ceiling rather than leaving a gap that collects dust is a great way to maximize your storage. Also think about how you use the corners of your kitchen, rotatory drawers are great for accessing all the space in your corners. Also consider deep drawers instead of standard cupboards for easier access to pots and pans.

3. Lighting.

Lighting makes a massive difference to the look of your kitchen and is often over looked in the planning stages and can then be too late to install once your appliances have been fitted. Overhead lighting alone is often insufficient in kitchens, as it can often fall behind you and cast a shadow on your work surface. Under cabinets lights are a great way to add more light to your kitchen. Velux windows are also a great way of adding more natural day light to your kitchen making it seem bright and airy. Give Burgess Projects a call on 0117 951 7843 if you would like to discuss your Velux window options we will be happy to recommend the best style.

4. Will you be entertaining in your kitchen?

Do you like to socialise while you’re in the kitchen? You may want to think about space for a table or breakfast bar where people can sit and talk while you work. Do you have a separate kitchen & dinning room adjacent to each other? Removing the wall between these and make a very social kitchen and dinning area possibly giving you more space for units. Give Burgess Project a call on 0117 951 7843 to discuss how we can can do this for you, we will be happy to view your property to see how a wall removal will add to your kitchen functionality.

5. Power points?

Remember to allocate areas for sockets, not only where your appliances are going but where you will be using hand held tools that need to be plugged in such as the blender or mixer and don’t forget the toaster and kettle. Also remember to be sure that you have the appropriate power sources for the allocated appliances, many people realise to late that they don’t have the correct gas or electric services.

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